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Getting Started with Color Analysis

Five years ago, I had no idea what color analysis was. My discovery of color analysis started from a long standing goal of mine; most of my adult life, I was on a mission of having a wardrobe and clothes that I liked and looked good on me.

As I often do, I went to the library in search of answers. One day I stumbled across a book called Color Me Beautiful by Carole Jackson.

That book was like a lightbulb moment for me- I finally understood why some colors looked good on me and some looked bad.

I was intrigued, so I learned more. Scrolled websites, watched youtube videos, anything I could find (and back then it wasn't as easy!)

I searched for someone who could do my color analysis in person in the Hudson Valley, but alas I couldn't find anyone close to me. I ended up getting my initial color analysis done virtually.

Learning my best colors opened my eyes. My closet became a happy place for me (not a disjointed depressing place!) and my makeup choices also started to become easier and fail-proof. Shopping became fun and easy and getting dressed became a breeze.

Because I loved the concept so much (and struggled to find someone doing color analysis in the Hudson Valley), I thought I should look into getting trained in how to do it myself.

After researching a few different training options, I decided to train with Color Me Beautiful in 2021 in the Four Seasons system and immediately started "doing colors" for my family and friends.

Since that time, I have color analyzed hundreds of women (and men) and have taken further training courses in Color Alliance color analysis (which boasts 93 sub seasons!), silhouette and face shape analysis, style personality, wardrobe edits and personal shopping-- and have likewise expanded the services I provide. Check them out here!

I am also now a trainer for Color Me Beautiful for those wishing to become color analysts themselves.

While I have expanded my offerings and services, I always insist that a client start their style journey with a color analysis.

Why do you need to start your style journey with color?

To me, color is really the easiest entry point to getting to your signature style. It is a lot more “black and white” (no pun intended) than style analysis.

If you have not had a color analysis done yet and are eager to learn more about why color matters, make sure to check out my online course called "Colorfully Confident" to find out why knowing your best colors is life-changing.

Stay colorfully stylish,


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